All About PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card

Gain quick access to your finances with PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card. Directly deposit money to your account and use it for everyday purchases such as grocery shopping, paying bills, etc. Anyone can sign up for the card and there are no fees associated with the application process.

PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard does not require:

  • Credit check
  • Minimum balance
  • Fees for directly depositing funds to the card associated with your card, receiving alerts via text, e-mail, or both, and withdrawing cash from an in-network ATM, in the USA.

In case of further queries, check out the FAQ section present down below. To begin the application process, simply click the ‘Get Started’ button present below.

Getting a PaychekPLUS Select MasterCard Prepaid Card

To make it easy for every user looking to get PaychekPlus MasterCard Prepaid Card, we have listed down some of the commonly asked questions that people might have. Read below to learn more and become an Elite customer of PayChekPLUS.


How can I get a PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card?

You can get your own PaychekPLUS! MasterCard Prepaid Card by simply filling out the online form. The card will then be mailed to you. There is no need for registration or credit check.

How long before I receive my PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Your card should be delivered to you within approximately 10 days of filling the form. However, if you still haven’t received your card, you can reach out to Customer Service at 1-877-889-0050.

Will I be able to use my PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card directly after receiving it?

You can start using your card once you have activated it and added a balance to the card.

What’s the procedure for adding money to my card?

You can add money to your card through multiple ways, such as receiving a direct deposit from your employer or benefits provider or adding funds received from another cardholder present in your network. To set up a direct deposit for your card all you need to do is follow the printed instructions accompanying your card. Further details on loading your card can be found at the official site.

How to Activate your PayChekPLUS Prepaid Card?

Here is some brief information that will help you activate your PayChekPLUS Prepaid card and enjoy the benefits.

How can I activate my PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card?

Activating your card is easy and quick. Upon receiving your PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card, log on to the official website, and follow the instructions for activation present there. You can contact Customer Service for further assistance or any queries.

How do I start using my PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Card?

After activating your card you can start using it the moment you have added money to it. To add money to your card you can either set up a direct deposit or get your tax refund deposited to your card. Head over to to learn more.

How should I use my card?

The PaychekPLUS! Select MasterCard Prepaid Visa lets you shop or pay bills anywhere a Debit Card or MasterCard is accepted. Swipe your card at the register and select between the ‘Debit’ or ‘Credit’ options.

No fees are charged when:

  • ‘Credit’ option is selected while making purchases with your card.
  • You link Direct Deposit of funds to your card.
  • Cardholders sign up for alerts via text, e-mail, or both.
  • Cashback rewards are given on purchases.
  • Withdrawal of cash from Allpoint or Comerica Bank surcharge-free ATMs occurs.

While most transactions will not cost extra, some amount of fee might be charged on some transactions. A complete list of fees can be found in the Cardholder Agreement.

How to User PayChekPLUS Card?

Below mentioned are some of the most important and helpful tips that will aid you to get the most out of your PayCheckPLUS MasterCard or Elite card.

Getting Cash

If you use your card at the ATMs of Allpoint or Comerica Bank, then no transaction fees will be charged. You can find an ATM belonging to either, near you, by heading over to or Withdrawing cash from any other ATM may lead to a transaction fee being levied, in addition to the fee that is charged by the owner of the ATM. Or you can also select the debit option at the cash register to get cashback on your purchase, thus saving you a trip to the ATM.


It is customary to tip establishments providing services, such as a hair salon or a sit-in restaurant. Thus, up to 20% of the total tip amount may be held on top of the purchase amount, till it processes.


Based on the estimated amount of your final bill, rental agencies and hotels might place a hold over your card for that amount. This amount is usually a greater sum of money than what is spent on everyday purchases.

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